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Innovation & Implementation

AIPassive – Focus. Swiftness. Resolution.

AIPassive is focused on enabling various businesses to adopt autonomous AI systems through clear milestones ultimately. AIPassive offers an end-to-end platform that democratizes Artificial Intelligence, enabling every customer, employee, and citizen with sophisticated AI technology and easy-to-use AI applications.
AIPassive is transforming every industry and department by delivering better insights, personalized experiences, streamlined operations, and reduced risk.

  • Focused

    Building you the most extensive infrastructure that defines your objective.

  • Swift Implementation

    Flexible to match with your Business type and size with easy integration.

Why Choose Us

Leverage the power of AI innovation into your business today

Businesses face unique challenges in strategizing AI adoption, thus demanding a platform shaped by security, compliance and rigour combined with agility and customer focus.
AIPassive has been a pioneer in deploying autonomous AI systems based on an operating platform designed to onboard all business processes and unlock the 'AI leverage' through connectivity across various functions.

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IT Consultancy

Identify the right fit for your Business

Cyber Security

Build you the most secure interface

Cloud Computing

Give you incredible access to data from anywhere

Backup & Recovery

Strengthen you with a robust data system


We thrive on excellence in AI

Identify the oppotunities

We work closely with you to identify the opportunity areas and design the best solution to augment your Business

Design and Develop

Our team of experts design the most intricate AI enabled softwares that can improve the overall operation of your Business processes.


We work cohesively with your team members to successfully deploy the AI to automate and simplify complex processes effectively.


Our AI-powered solutions are easy to adapt to fit into your existing system to allow easy and effective integration without any delay.

Latest in Tech for your Business

Trusted by Millions
Across the Globe

We are a global organization with clients located across the world and across industries. We have successfully assisted numerous Businesses to reach their maximum potential. We help you adopt the latest in technology to yield rapid pay-back.

  • 100% Deliverability
  • World Class Work Environment
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Most common answer and question

Do I need AI for my Business?

With the changing business terrain every business needs to look at the possibility of automation that can be adopted to their current business operations and help in reducing cost and delivery time.

How long does it take to integrate AI to a business?

Based on your Business size we help you integrate AI enabled services in the shortest and easiest ways to mitigate any loss of revenue while at work.

Where do I start?

Approach us to help you do a case study for you so that we can identify the opportunity areas and give you the picture of how AI enablement can improve your business outcome.


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