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20 years of experience

We are the Leaders in AI tech Innovation

AI Passive was built with the objective of making the latest technologies accessible to all. We work on democratizing AI and ML to nurture businesses and help them reach their maximum potential.

AI enablement is the need of the hour?

The end users for a product is now no more localized. Our Businesses now has a global presence as soon as we have launched it online. We at AI Passive help you to enhance your productivity with automation that delivers.

AI is for every Business type?

AI can be used to turn complex operations into simpler automated functions. Businesses of all types and sizes can introduce AI in every sphere of their operations. Reach out to us to know more.

AI integration is cost effective?

It is a misconception that AI integration can be very expensive for a company. We offer you the most cost effective ways to integrate AI to your existent systems without impacting your business operations.

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Our Vision
with Technology

AI Passive was built with a vision to help bring about progressiveness in the workflow of every business type. We are determined to explore the uncharted terrains in technology and bring forth the most innovative ways to simplify business operations by merging Artificial intelligence and Human logic.

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Our Principles

Enabling and realizing the dreams of millions


Our choice of clients is not biased. We work with anyone willing to bring about a change and adapt newer technology to their business operations.

Cost effective

Our services are not overpriced. We offer you the most cost-effective solutions in the shortest time and with maximum efficacy.


We are a progressive team of thinkers who are willing to accept new technology and implement them to give the best results.


We are always up for a challenge. We never give up on a task that we have taken however complex it can it. It motivates us to drive further with our efforts.

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24/7 Customer support

We are available any time of the day throughout the year. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to guide you to the right team to get your answers Reach out to us with your new queries or know about the status of your current projects. We help you keep track without hassles. If you have any new ideas then reach out to our innovation team to turn the idea to a reality.


Discuss with our Experts

You have a business that you want to scale up with the latest AI tech, then reach out to discuss the potential of AI implementation. Our team of experts will discuss your current business operation plans to create a blueprint for AI implementation to help you reach your target. We are open for discussion and brainstorm to reach the most results for you.

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