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End-User Management

The term end-user does not just refer to the customers who will be using the service or the product that you as a business offer. End-user also refers to the people who will come and use the website interface. So how do you manage the customers or the end-users?
We at AI Passive understand that every business’ end goal is to offer the best experience to every end-user. That is why we help you build the most elaborate system that takes care of every end-user need from the very first step to the point where they have been converted to believers.

  • • Track User History
  • • Manage Marketing Campaigns
  • • Lead Generation
  • • Record Service Issues

The End-Management system can be easily integrated with your current website and sales application. It helps you get a 360-degree view of how your customers are interacting with your website, products, and services. You know your strengths and your challenge areas and plan accordingly to overcome these issues. The end-user management system once installed can give you regular insights into your performance

Introduce the Next-Gen Solution for your Business Growth

The End-User Management system is a comprehensive system that gives you more than what a CRM tool gives you. This next-gen management tool gives you the vantage of tracking user traffic and understanding their preferences on your website and social platforms. With intricate insight into user psychology, it helps highly effective lead generation and targeted marketing campaigns that are sure to deliver. Every user preference and challenge are recorded allowing you to fix your website and products or services even before your customer has got back to you with the feedback. It gives you the opportunity to mitigate losses due to missed opportunities. It is time that you moved on from the traditional customer relationship management tools to the more elaborate and accurate End-user management tool.