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Finance Management

Accounts management is not an easy task. It requires elaborate tracking and updating to ensure the final output is accurate. For bigger firms, accounts management becomes a challenge due to the massive size of the datasets. This is where the AI enables accounting software comes about and assists in a smooth flow of tasks with the least hassles.

Bring in the ease of AI and data management with AI Passive’s dedicated Account management system. We work cohesively with your team to understand the requirement and build you an intricate account management system that merges with your business. Encompassing the account requirements across verticals we help you chart your payables and receivables with maximum accuracy.

  • Inventory Management
  • Highly Secure
  • Accounts Management
  • Manage payables & receivables

Integration of the AI-enabled Accounts management system allows you to ensure every transaction and every data is maintained accurately. With a platform that is set to learn with experience and evolve with usage, you can automate and simplify the tasks on hand easily. It can be easily implemented for payroll management, procurement cost management, and inventory management.

Automate and Simplify the elaborate task of Accounting

The AI-enabled account management system is highly secure and can be optimized to give selective access to people of interest. It can be molded to give direct access to bank details from a single page and give pop-ups of transactions that are being made. With the ability to store a huge repertoire of data sets the account management system can be used to store details of every employee or every division with maximum accuracy. The inventory management feature gives you the feasibility to manage the accounts and inventory of multiple branches from a single platform. The ease that an AI-enabled accounts management system can bring about is unsurpassable. It can simplify tasks and reduce the requirement for manpower, time, and cost involved. You can even train the accounts management system to track your taxes to ensure there are no defaults of any kind. The elaborate and yet simple Accounts management system is a must for every business type to take their business operation a step higher.